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Leon Kanner     31 Diciembre 2006 21:55 |
Across the oceans and continents the Focus has reached me here in
beautiful San Diego and brought me news, pictures, and articles about
the Marbella Community of which I am an integral part in spite of the
Have read and enjoyed the interesting articles about the various
events that took place in the Community.
I will take this opportunity to congratulate Cindy Ouanoughui on her
Bat Mitzvah. I regret not having been part of the big event in her
The great community event was naturally the wedding of Yael to
Michael Ohayon in Jerusalem and I congratulate the editors for the
beautiful photographs.
With a lovely description by Rozita of Tu-Bishvat and the Purim
celebration of the children from the communities of the Costa del Sol
our magazine gave well deserved and ample place to these important
Last but not least I like to congratulate our president Mr. Raphy
Cohen for his tireless leadership of the Marbella Jewish Community
these last two years and wish him continuous success and further
achievements in making Marbella a center of Jewish life in Europe.
Leon Kanner

Martine Ouaknine     31 Diciembre 2006 21:52 |
Mon Cher Raphy

Merci infiniment pour ton message
je souhaite que nous puissions réaliser ensemble des actions qui
mettent en
valeur la belle communauté de Marbella qui m'est si chère
Pour toi et tous les membres de la Communauté, HAG SAMEAH et bonnes
fêtes de

Je t'embrasse

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