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Ron Lahav     07 Mayo 2007 21:57 |
It is with great pleasure that I have the honor to be the first to sign your Guest Book. My wife Kathleen and I will be visiting Marbella from 13/27 May 2007. and we look forward to meeting the rabonim and the members of the Kehilla and to see your beautiful synagogue in person.

Hedy Mayer     20 Enero 2007 21:57 |
Dear Raphi! I just got in e-mail all the information of this beautiful
project.Gongratulation it is great enjoyment to click tru and tru.It is
overwhelming to see the work and devotion what you put into this.
Wishing you all the best strength to continue with admiration
Hedy Mayer

Alan H. Bernstein     20 Enero 2007 21:56 |
Dear friends,
I thank you for the experience of last Friday evening. It is comforting to know that the Jewish community is alive and well in Spain 500 years after being banished from Spain. I applaud your government for allowing since the 1980s the Jewish community to flourish in Spain.
Also, I thank you for the opportunity to say the Readers Kaddish. My friend Judy Blumberg also thanks you for the opportunity to say the Mouner's Kadish for her deceased husband, Donald.
We wish your congregation well. We hope to return to Marbella in the future.
Alan H. Bernstein.

Armand Benayon     20 Enero 2007 21:56 |
Cher Raphy,

Ce petit mot pour remercier la communauté d’avoir permis la réalisation de la bar mitzvah de Fabrice.

Toute la communauté a participé à cet évènement et je l’en remercie, ainsi que tout le staff dirigeant.

Nous t’embrassons

Armand et myriam

Claudia Buffart     20 Enero 2007 21:55 |
Queridos amigos y familia,

Estuvimos llenos de alegría y sentimientos de veros y poder pasar la Bat Mitzva de Cindy con vosotros, creo que ha sido como una bendicción que Dios nos permitió arreglar todo y cruzar el oceano para llegar al sitio mas querido por nosotros.

Muchos recuerdos a toda la familia.

Claudia y Adiel.

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