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Gerry Crest     21 Septiembre 2010 13:25 |
Hi Raphael

How good it is to hear from you.
I came to shul for Rosh Hashana but had to leave as soon as the service ended as I suffer much discomfort at the moment.
I came too on Kol Nidrei but returned home to learn that our eldest son had been involved in an horrific road accident and was on life support.
He will survive PG and my wife is at his bedside in the UK.
I am unable to go because I have to have daily therapy here in Estepona.

Let me tell you about " Your Shul "
The Services with Chazan Michael are superbly enjoyable. His musicality is loved. Because of the above reasons I was unable to come to Shul on Yom Kippur and this for me leaves me with an ache.
I have since heard from numerous visitors who tell me how much they enjoyed the services and the warmth of welcome. One gentleman, Maurice Freedman gave me 5o euros which I will give to Mike Jacobs to pass on. His wife is disabled and received so much help.
Another couple said they would contact me to make a donation and If they do I will pass on the shul bank details.
I did discuss with John Singer some time ago that an appeal should be made on Kol Nidrei, not just for the Yahzreit list but for the Shul itself. I personally would like to see the old habit of placing franked envelopes on each seat and I do not care if people acrry money on them and place some in the envelopes.
every year we enjoy fantastic hospitality and I wonder if people regard it as " manna from heaven "
I did say to John that I would be happy to make such an appeal but of course in the event, I had to let it pass by.
Perhaps next year.
Raphael, thank you so much for your concern over the last 18 months, We have really appreciated it and thank you for your hard work.
May you and yours enjoy a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year


Gerry Crest

Moche Nidam     04 Febrero 2009 14:49 |
tres cher Raphael
je te felicite et remercie pour le calendrier
c est une oeuvre extre
une aide pour les fideles
et j imagine les idees que tu as deja pour nl annee prochaine
hatslaha rabba

moche niddam

Ken and Cindy Margol     05 Octubre 2007 22:02 | New York, USA
In March 1989 we visited your lovely Synagogue. We couldn't help notice a sign on the door asking for people so there would be enough for a minyan. How thrilled we are to see how you've grown and flourished over the last 18(Chai) years!While in the shule we pledged our love to eachother, returned to the United States and were married.In January we will be in Marbella and can't wait to revisit our Synagogue of Love!

Tzvi Navarro     21 Septiembre 2007 22:02 | Honduras
Shalom leja,un saludo especial para todos en España espero poder visitarles algun dia.

HaShem Ilumine nuestras Almas.

Véronique Djebeli     21 Septiembre 2007 22:01 |

J'ai passé mes vacances à Marbella et j'ai été très agréablement surprise par la ravissante communauté où j'ai pu apprécier mes deux chabbatoth et assisté à la soirée annuelle.
Je tenais à vous dire merci de ce que vous faites et j'ai n'ai pas manqué de parler de vous et le ferais à chaque occasion.

Un petit mot pour Raphael COHEN:
Vous ne vous souvenez pas de moi moi je me souviendrais de votre humour, professionnalisme et surtout votre voix merveilleuse lors de mon derner chabbat.
Je vous souhaite de très bonnes fêtes.
Chana Tova.

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