UPDATE , Attack on the Synagogue Copenhagen, Denmark


Attack on Synagogue in Copenhagen, Denmark



As all of you have heard, one of the Danish security guards has been killed in a terror attack at 00:45hrs local time last night February 15th , at the front of the main synagogue in Copenhagen. Two policeman were also injured in the attack, which followed a previous shooting in the city. The events followed the pattern seen last month in Paris. 

SACC is  in close contact with crisis team in Copenhagen. We are of course giving whatever support we can. The local crisis management team is well prepared for such situations and it was activated almost immediately after the attack.
The necessary security measures at all facilities were taken immediately by local team. The crisis team started providing intense psychological help and support to the family of the victim and  community members and guards. As we learned  from the previous attacks, this mission is ongoing and will take a long time and lots of energy.  Today the community leaders aside other responsibilities have been running press conferences and setting strategies for the upcoming days.


We are keenly aware that this tragedy will cause deep concern, both to our community in general, and more especially to all those who work and volunteer for security. Our colleague was killed protecting his community. Approximately 80 people were inside the synagogue at the time of the shooting, celebrating a Bat Mitzvah.

We fully appreciate that this dreadful news will obviously raise immediate concerns for many of you and for your families also. As we have done after previous attacks, we will learn every lesson possible from what has happened, and this will be implemented into our training and work.

This latest antisemitic outrage only adds to our determination to keep working with all of you, with Police and with all the communities.


Thank you and take care,


Gabi and SACC team


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